Jonathan Puente is a commercial photographer specializing in fashion based out of downtown Phoenix, AZ. Photography has been the main thing he felt deeply connected to other than writing, and where most of his experience lies. The more he pursues perfecting his art the more reassured it is what he will be known for. 

What separates Jonathan from the saturated market of photographers? For starters he has gained knowledge from a number of well established photographers in Tucson, Phoenix and LA, of which the most important is his mentor and college professor Peter Trexler. Besides having dual Masters in Fine arts and Photography from Brooke's Institute, Peter has experience working with and learning from world famous photographers.

Working and learning with Peter gave Jonathan a wealth of knowledge for any type of studio lighting.  Whether it be a shot for a fashion editorial, or lighting/creating environments for commercial products. He also learned the fine details of photo retouching that both aid in keeping the natural look to a photo, and that which can enhance photos for advertisement purposes.  

Jonathan's photography background extends outside of fashion into professional portraits, weddings, events, and others as well. For over 10 years in his pursuit of photography, these experiences have helped shape the skill sets and professional work ethic people know him for today.

You can also follow him on social media pages, and if you are interested in collaborating on a shoot for professional or personal reasons, refer to the contact page.

Thank you for your time and you will certainly enjoy more artwork from Jonathan Puente in the years to come.